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An introduction to promoting your website

When it comes to promoting your website content really is king. “Link Baiting” is a technique used by webmasters to encourage users to naturally want to share the content. Think of something cool and deliver it in a way that will make users want to email it around the office and share it with their friends. Link baiting is also associated with viral marketing as they are very similar in nature.

Great content will naturally circulate the internet and bring you targeted traffic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a helping hand.

One of the simplest things you can do to help promote your website is to add a an easily accessible array of social network and bookmarking icons to the bottom of your page or blog post.

There are many plugins for wordpress, joomla and other content management systems that will insert bookmarking icons into posts. If you are building your own website or even if you do use a content management system there is a great add-on that integrates into any website called http://www.addthis.com simply sign up, copy and paste the code into your website, and bam, instant website promotion and you even get analytics!

social network images

Picture shows the wordpress plugin “Sexy Bookmarks” in action

Make a video! Youtube is fast becoming a lot of marketer’s favourite platform for promoting websites and generating traffic. Making videos can be very easy especially with digital cameras and screen capturing programs such as camtasia. I’ll bet that most of you reading this will already have a digital camera, a webcam, or even just a straight up video recorder. Make a small video blog about your topic instead of writing an article and share it on YouTube. Be sure to include your URL in your video and also in the description. This method also makes you look like an authority in your field. Add the video to your website and it will add greatly to the integrity of your business.

Other methods of link baiting (referred to as hooks) include:

  • Tool hooks – If you can program or outsource, create a tool that people can use on your website, if the tool is good then people will naturally share it.
  • Informational hooks – Provide your users with some unique information. Here it pays to know your niche well as you will be able to provide personal insights into your article that won’t be found elsewhere.
  • Humor hooks – find a funny picture or create one yourself, water mark this with your websites URL and send it off into the internet! Post it as a blog post and share it through social networks. People will also naturally want to share a joke or something funny and this will bring you in the traffic.
  • Widget hooks – This is an extension of the tool hook, if you can create a widget that can easily be embedded into someone else’s website and includes a link back to yours you are sure to see some traffic. This could be a top 10 list, your news feed, etc.