Simple Guide to buying Bit Coin with PayPal

how to buy bit coin with paypal

For us non-US people it can become a slight ordeal to purchase bitcoin online. After having to purchase a small script for a client recently that only accepted bitcoin I came across this very same problem. The solution? Virwox!

Through the virtual world exchange we are able to purchase Linden Dollars (the currency used in Second Life) and then trade these for bitcoin. Once you are set up with an account this process is extremely easy to manage and will have bitcoin in your wallet within minutes.

Because Virwox is the only place you can effectively buy Bit Coin with PayPal there are certain fees that are involved in this method, so it’s best to factor this into your initial deposit! As a rule of thumb it’s always good to add a decent amount over the expected sum because of the vast fluctuations in the bit coin currency.

The steps are quite simple (video below makes it even easier!):

  1. Sign up here – don’t worry about linking your account to a Second Life avatar as it won’t be needed.
  2. Deposit funds to your account via paypal or credit card
  3. Purchase SLL with your USD
  4. Purchase Bit Coin with your SLL (Note: The minimum purchase is 0.020 Bitcoin.)
  5. Withdraw Bit Coin to your Wallet

and then bam! You have your bit coin funds ready to use in your wallet.

New users may experience a delay for their first few transactions as some are manually reviewed by Virwox, but once you are established this is no longer a concern!

To make this whole process even easier, please watch the video below demoing just how simple and fast you can buy bitcoin with paypal using this method!

Get started at the sooner you sign up the larger amounts of bitcoin you can purchase at a time!