5 easy ways to stay focused working from home

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or just a stay at home parent that is creating a business on the side, we all know the struggles of staying focused when working from home! Here are five tips to help you increase your productivity and stay focused:

Number 1 – Work in small blocks!

It’s scientifically proven that our brains can only focus on a limited amount of information for a limited amount of time. Working in small chunks is a great way to break tasks into smaller steps allowing you to keep your focus and be more productive! Find out what works best for you, I personally have found about 40 minutes to be perfect for me before taking a step away from the desk for 10 minutes for a stretch and a mental breather.

Number 2 – Limit your distractions!

When you work from home It’s quite easy to get distracted! TV, books, family and even bed are constantly calling you away from your working grind! If you have a bit of a nasty task ahead suddenly that pile of washing mysteriously becomes more interesting too. When it is work time make sure it’s work time and limit your distractions. Separate your chore and social time from your time spent working on your business. A lot of people think that working from home means you are free for a cocktail at any hour but it’s ok to let your friends and family know that you will get back to them. My friends know that I work long and sometimes unusual hours and as a result they expect me to be slow to reply to their texts! Fighting the Facebook and email checking urge is another battle though…

Number 3 – Prioritise tasks!

It’s well worth spending some time each week figuring out which of your many tasks will actually drive your business to the next level. Not only does this help you get organized but it also will give you a solid goal and direction for your work week. I strongly suggest implementing something like this column task list. Tasks in column A have the highest priority whilst tasks in the F column have the lowest priority. The idea here is that you can’t move onto any tasks in column B until everything in column A has been struck down!

Number 4 – Keep a healthy lifestyle

It might almost sound counter intuitive at first but taking the time to look after your health will inevitably help you maintain focus! Exercising just 7 minutes in the morning for example is enough to shake off any morning fog and get you ready for the day. Healthy eating and frequent exercise will give you more energy and make you feel better but your brain will even be more productive! Check out this MRI scan which shows how much more brain activity there is after a 20 minute walk compared to sitting quietly!

Number 5 – Set Achievable objectives and Celebrate them

Setting unrealistic goals is a great way to lose focus and motivation when it comes to business. A vague idea of a million dollars in the bank is cool and all but if you don’t have a realistic approach to obtaining it you are going to feel pretty down trodden when it falls through. A fantastic way to keep focused whilst working from home is to set yourself smaller and more achievable objectives that lead to your goal and then reward yourself once you have conquered them! Once you start seeing the results from your hard work and dedication the focus and motivation comes naturally!